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Home loan special offers

Multiple offset deposit accounts

    Are your customers using one offset account for multiple reasons? Maybe multiple offset accounts are the solution for them.

    We now offer:

    • Multiple offset deposit accounts on all eligible loan accounts. This means your customers can choose between 1 and 10 offset deposit accounts to be linked to any eligible loan account.
    • Offset deposit accounts in one, some or all of the borrowers' names. Eg John, Mary and Roger Smith have a home loan. An offset deposit account in the names of John and Mary can be linked to any eligible account within the home loan.

    The offset deposit account will continue to help your customers achieve their goal of paying off their home loan ahead of its term and saving thousands of dollars simply by depositing regular income and earnings, allowing their savings to work for them.

    By linking any number of Offset Deposit Accounts, up to 10, the balance of all linked ODA is offset against the loan balance every day which means your customers only pay interest on the remaining portion of the home loan.

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Fixed rate rollover pricing

    Is your AMP customer rolling off their fixed rate in the next 30 days?
    Don’t forget, we automatically apply great rates starting at 6.24% for Owner Occupied and 6.49% for Investment loans.
    Applied rates are emailed directly to the customer and are based on loan size and LVR. The lower the loan amount and LVR, the lower the rate.

    Contact your BDM for more details.

    Note: Interest Only roll overs excluded.

Pricing specials - fee waivers

    We have 2 available at the moment.

    Multiple Security Fee

    The Multiple Security Fee of $250 is waived for new loans for a limited time.

    Settlement Fee

    The Settlement Fee of $349 is not applicable for new Professional Package and AMP Essential loans.

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