Nitish, a mortgage broking business owner, has been organically growing his business for the last four years but was ready to expand his business. Part of Nitish’s business strategy was to acquire and purchase trail books to expand his customer base.

Through word of mouth, he heard about one of our Business Finance Relationship Managers, Sonia Flower. From the first phone call Nitish felt confident and impressed with her knowledge of the product and her small business strategic knowledge.


AMP’s Business Finance Loan was particularly appealing to Nitish because he didn't have to use his personal security to grow his business. He could utilise his current and future ongoing reoccurring revenue to determine the loan amount he could borrow. AMP also offered a business line of credit with no ongoing fees or charges, apart from the disclosed upfront fees.

With the funds from the business finance loan, Nitish was able to acquire the prospecting trail book, recruit two more brokers, enabling him to expand his business further.

The increased monthly cash flow (with the terms of the loan repayment being lower than other lenders) brought about a better work-life balance for Nitish. He could now focus on coaching and training to achieve substantial growth rather than on day-to-day operations. With his staff increase he also feels comfortable to go on holidays and take a break.

In summary

By taking up an AMP Business Finance Loan without leveraging personal assets, Nitish was able to acquire trail books and expand his business while maintaining financial stability. The support from AMP allowed him to achieve a better work-life balance and focus on strategic growth of his business.

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