We are transforming our home loan application journey for delivery in Q2 2025. to provide a market-leading experience when doing business with us. Recently announced we are partnering with:

  • Simpology a leading technology provider Read more
  • MSA National as our panel solicitor handling our loan documentation and settlement processes Read more

These exciting partnerships will provide a market-leading, simplified home loan application experience for our brokers and customers.  


We’re partnering with MSA National

Announced on 13 June 2024

We’re pleased to announce that MSA National will be our panel solicitor handling our loan documentation and settlement processes and will be integrated with Simpology. By leveraging the new Simpology platform and integrating MSA National, we expect to improve the speed and quality of settlement activities while enhancing communication and providing more visibility of the status to both brokers and customers. 


What will this mean for Brokers and customers: 


  • Loan documents issued in 90 seconds including multiple security applications.
  • True file ownership throughout the settlement process and dedicated AMP Bank team.
  • Clear communication on file status and what is outstanding.
  • All loan agreements sent via DocuSign Ability to view and manage via MSA’s LoanTrak portal along with all other MSA National applications with other lenders 

Customer benefits:

  • Superior guidance and support during the home loan journey
    • Customers will have full visibility on the status of the loan process via a QR code from when documents are issued.
    • Customers will receive key information contained in their loan contract via a video highlighting key data they need to ensure is correct and making it easier for them to understand the process to settlement.
  • Errors made during document signing can be mitigated via re-issuance of individual documents rather than the whole document pack.
  • Real time payments and BPAY for disbursements meaning other liabilities can be paid out directly by MSA National. 

We’re partnering with leading technology provider, Simpology

Announced on 30 May 2024.  

We are partnering with leading technology provider, Simpology and other industry partners, to deliver our end-to-end home loan application journey, which will fast-track ‘time to yes’ and give greater visibility and certainty of an application from submission to settlement.

Watch Sean O'Malley, Group Executive AMP Bank and Sarah Gubbins, Founder and CEO Simpology, talk about this new and exciting partner with Simpology.  

What will this deliver to brokers?

Greater visibility of applications

Brokers will have access to a secure online portal with:

  • Self-service capability
  • Complete visibility of the application status and progress providing full transparency
  • Integrated information requests to keep the application moving quicker
  • Ability to connect with the person who is working on the application
  • Access via any device

Automated decisioning

  • Real-time decision-making processes 
  • Fully digitised identification processes re-using what has already been done by the broker upfront
  • Up-front verification of credit-critical data - guiding what you need to do prior to submission
  • Straight-thought processing capability

Instant support

  • Live chat and messaging
  • Instant feedback on application data
  • When support from AMP Bank is required, it is immediate and specific to the application’s scenario
  • BDM and our Broker Experience team can see inflight applications

Watch Melissa Christy, Head of Lending Origination, and Kate Gubbins, Founder and CEO of Simpology, talk through benefits of this exciting new solution.

What do I need to do?

For now, it is business as usual. We will continue to provide the same great service experience you know and expect from us whilst we work in the background to build this new leading home loan application solution.

Stay tuned for further updates as we progress towards our full launch in Q2, 2025! We will unveil new partnerships and capabilities as we get closer, aligning with the evolving banking needs of tomorrow’s customers.

Please reach out to your BDM should you have any questions or require more information.

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